Elements of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

Elements of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

ConSerdes provides below listed functionality when processing customer incidents:

  • Incidents can be generated via phone, e-mail or webform
  • ConSerdes-Servicedesk generates a unique service number for each incident
  • All corresponding documents will be linked to a unique service number (e-mails, notes, documents)
  • Requester can track its service numbers anytime to retrieve current process status
  • Requester can use a solution database to fix an issue independent
  • Direct service application support (e.g. via remote access, phone)
  • Incident history will be stored for each incident. (causes, actions, solutions)
  • Periodical reporting
  • Incident prioritization and -escalation according to SLA existent
  • "Incidents" will be analysed from a CMDB to identify problems → Strategy of ConSerdes-Servicedesk.

ConSerdes is not a "HELPDESK"!

Each of your service products will be assigned to one responsible agent. This means you will have only one contact person for your issues. Hence we can provide an agreed and requested quality for your IT business process.

  • Each customer service product has one responsible agent
  • Professional agents and partners will be available for you

Servicdesk Funktionen

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