Portfolio of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

Portfolio of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

ConSerdes offers a package of services to its customers. In addition to an ITIL-oriented way of working with "request", "problem" and "change" the service package includes a list of following service objects.

Service Objects of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

  • IT-Software: ERP systems (e.g. SAP R/3), MS Office application, software license management
  • IT-Hardware: IT-Equipments (e.g. Printer, PC, Server, Router),
  • Non-IT-Hardware: Real estate objects, other service objects

        Servicedesk Leistungssprektrum

As a customer you can flexibly choose which service object at what time will be used in ConSerdes-Servicedesk. In addition you can choose flexible service terms and conditions as listed below.

  • freely selectable service objects
  • freely selectable service availability
  • freely selectable service reaction- and resolution time
  • freely selectable service responsibility

ConSerdes offers its customers service products for their needs. This will be realized by using of service level agreements ("SLA's") which will be managed in ConSerdes-Servicedesk as well in order to track agreed service quality and -quantity of your service products on a daily basis.

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