Overview ConSerdes-Servicedesk

Overview ConSerdes-Servicedesk

Our goal is a continuous improvement of your IT business processes. How can we achieve this?

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ConSerdes-Servicedesk supports you in your daily questions about your IT - service objects such as SAP R/3 or hardware Our service portfolio). We do not stop to provide our services to you at this point. We are more than just a help desk.

If you expect more than a "pure" daily application support, then you are just right at ConSerdes-Servicedesk.

Our service offering includes a problem analysis of all entered incident requests. ConSerdes-Servicedesk offers experienced staff and partners, which will analyze incident requests to identify problems within your IT business processes.

So you will receive not only a daily application support, but also an analysis of entered incident requests to identify potential problems in your business process. We provide action items to you to resolve problems. An implementation of all proposed solutions will be carried out in separate projects.


By identifying and resolving problems you will achieve a permanent improvement of your business processes.

Hence ConSerdes-Servicedesk is more than just a normal support concept, it is an "added value" service for your business organization.

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