Strategy of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

Strategy of ConSerdes-Servicedesk

ConSerdes erbringt Servicedeskleistungen für seine Kunden. Diese Leistungen betreffen die direkte tägliche Anwendungsunterstützung, so dass der Kunde eigenständig weiter-arbeiten kann. Jede Kundenfrage wird als Meldung („Incident“) in einer Datenbank „CMDB“ („content management database“) aufgenommen.

Target: Continuous Improvement of IT processes

Incident Management:

  • Incidents are classified by subject areas
  • Incident solutions are categorized by cause, action, solution
  • Incidents are stored in a CMDB

In addition ConSerdes carries out a permanent analysis of collected "incidents" in order to identify issues within your IT business process. If problems are detected, then these will also be stored in a "CMDB" by our employees and partners. We provide you a list of identified problems including proposals how to resolve problems in order to make it possible for you to decide whether this problem should be resolved by an IT Change or not.

Problem Management:

  • ConSerdes analyses your incidents, which are stored in the "CMDB"
  • ConSerdes provides a list of identified problems
  • ConSerdes provides resolution proposals and root causes

Change Management:

  • Konkrete Änderungsvorschläge er-stellen.
  • Provide project schedules and project costs
  • Management and approval of changes (change)
  • Documentation of executed changes
  • Mögliche Änderungsmaßnahmen, die im Rahmen von Projekten durch-geführt werden können, sind z.B. Schulungen, Programm- oder Konfigurations-anpassungen

Our goal is a continuous improvement of our customers IT business processes. We offer you an "ITIL"-orientated ConSerdes-Servicedesk with "request-", "problem-" and "change" management.

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