Our Projects

Our Projects

ConSerdes supports its customers since 1996 within SAP-R/3 environment in introduction, optimization and maintenance of their SAP systems. The following table shows SAP applications in which work- and business processes are successfully introduced and supported.

Our SAP Projects (excerpt)

  • Technical Asset Management (e.g. Functional Location, Equipments)
  • Preventive Maintenance (maintenance, inspection, legal audits)
  • Malfunction recording (reporting, spare-part procurement, preventive maintenance)
  • Maintenance requests (what, when, where, priority)
  • Work planning (task list)
  • Spare parts management (material planning, material resource planning, MRP)
  • Capacity planning and scheduling (material, staff)
  • Maintenance Processing (procurement, costs, dates, settlement)
  • Procurement of external services and material
  • Confirmation (actual activities, actual time)
  • Plant maintenance reporting (technically, commercially)
  • Management of repair and capital budgets
  • Integration into the investment Management
  • Implementation of production turnarounds
  • Shop floor control system and work processes
  • Administration and management of repair projects
  • Implementation of overhead expense projects
  • Implementation of customer projects (cost, revenue, client billing, payroll)
  • Implementation of investment projects (assets under construction, funds, accounting, reporting)
  • Introduction of research projects (human resources planning, cost planning, scheduling, network technology, budgeting, time recording, reporting)
  • Introduction of production turnaround projects (capacity, variable cost plans, funds distribution, expiration planning network engineering, integration of repair and investment measures, material and service planning, cost accounting, budget control, reporting)
  • Establishment of special project stocks for the material procurement
  • Technical project evaluations (including project progress analysis, milestone trend analysis, project versions, target-performance dates)
  • Commercial project evaluations (plan/actual cost, funds)
  • Introduction of graphical project planning board
  • Management of project documents
  • Financial planning by integrating the SAP IM application
  • Roll-up cost planning
  • Investment requests, including approval procedures
  • Approved and non-approved project activities
  • Plan depreciation costs per cost center with depreciation simulation
  • Definition of investment program
  • Investment planning and budgeting
  • Investment processing via project or work order
  • Annual work
  • Investment cost monitoring and tracking
  • Reporting of investments (IM AR, IM programs)
  • Implementation of repair, overhead and investment budget funds
  • Procurement of technical equipment (Project Special Stocks)
  • Supplier request processing
  • Suppliers offer processing, including selection procedures
  • Optimize procurement of external services
  • Framework contracts with or without service directories
  • Monitoring of service quotas through framework agreements
  • Setup of a service master
  • Service processing
  • Service ordering with service entry sheets
  • Caused-based settlement of external services
  • Setup of automatic settlement of services ( "ERS" procedure)
  • Personal relief for accounts payable by simplified management
  • Integration of specific shop papers (by hour-rate, lump sum)
  • Setup of an approval procedure for service ordering and -settlement via release strategy
  • Setup of a customer-order tool (new sales orders)
  • Customer master management
  • Management of sales products and product variations/configuration
  • Help-Desk-Solution to record customer requests
  • Integrated customer storage (all data will be stored centrally)
  • Single sales price calculation with condition
  • Pre-selling stage with customer request and -offer
  • Sales stage with sales order
  • Periodic closing with billing and internal settlement
  • Billing for expenses, fixed price and / or service products
  • Reporting system: Customers Contract Tracking
  • Active integration into the project and ordering System
  • Integration into profit-center-calculation
  • Integration into controlling profitability calculation
  • Setup of personal master data
  • Setup of HR organization
  • Periodic time recording for the research department
  • Approval procedures and acceptance of entered hours
  • Time confirmation for projects and work orders
  • Management of technical documents (CAD, building plans, test certificates)
  • Archiving of original documents
  • Setup of version management
  • Object links to SAP objects (e.g. purchase order, functional location, equipment)
  • Tools for "Viewing" of original documents
  • Determination of key performance indicators in term of creating a Balance Score Card ("BSC")
  • Measurement of work process performance
  • As-is and to-be comparison (cost / revenue / dates)
  • Control of data quality
  • Monitoring the work and business processes
  • Development of test cases to validate SAP business processes
  • Development of test cases for the training preparation
  • Development of test cases for data migration and updating
  • Development of test cases as a tool to help SAP release change
  • Design and setup of a reporting system for tracking maintenance and project costs.
  • Definition of centralized cost reports
  • Reporting standards with the goal of comparability of figures and facts
  • Report development in SAP Business Warehouse

Our Projet Roles | percentage (excerpt):

SAP Consultant 100%
SAP Trainer 100%
SAP Team Lead 100%
SAP Project Lead 85%
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We offer you the SAP implementation services above listed that enable efficient and inclusive work processes for you. For more information or questions please use our Contact Form. Here you can also request our SAP c.v.